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mccord's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in mccord's LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
1:40 pm
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
11:29 pm
To address comments made by multiple people
Hello again!

Happily back in my little nook called Pennsylvania! Reason Number 6,867,956 why PA isw th ebest state in the US: First Mcdonalds I check after getting back to PA and sure enough they have SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! YAY!!!!! I checked 5 different Mcdonalds in FL and NOT ONE had Shamrock shakes.....

So anywho, a lot of people have been quesitoning the use of terms: "nice visuals" that i used in my previous entry. The "nice visuals" I referred to are OBVIOUSLY all the cool visual effects at Universal studios. What else could they possibly be? I am a simple suburban boy and don;t understand what implicaitons people may have over a secondary meaning....would someone please enlighten me??????

Secpnd, another funny anecdote from the Universal trip: At one point we were near the back of the park and I needed to use the loo. So I told the group i would be bakc in a minute after i used the closests facility i could find. So I started walking towards the front of the park looking in vain for a bathroom. I must have walked a good half mile not finding one, until I got to Dr. Seuss land where earlier int he day we had used a bathroom. The worst part is, I couldn;t find the damn loo we had used TWO HOURS EARLIER IN THE DAY. So I turned around and trekked back to the othe rpart of th epark, i eventually found a bathroom i had totally missed and used it. Then I walked back to the group...turns out if i had walked two steps to the right of where our group was chilling I could have used a loo right there.......DOH! So of course my dad and Uncle had to point out EVERY bathroom I missed in the entire park for the rest of the day (ugh). SAo that is just another fun anecdote of my stupidity!

BAkc home playing with my adorable puppies! Yay for doing nothing but playing NCAA and play with puppies tommorrow! Give me a call if you wanna chat! : )


Current Mood: sweet home Pennsylvania
Monday, March 21st, 2005
10:58 pm
Top Ten things
Top ten things I have done that noone else has ever done:

10. Won first prize in a hog race at the Pennsylvania State Fair.
9. Have done the Full-fledged backstage magic tour at Disney (8 hour tour....absolutely awesome and amazing)
8. Have run into a parked car while bicycling
7. Lived with an eighty year old British ex-model
6. Had a 12 pound weight range during the span of 24 hours during wrestling season! (147-159 lbs)
5. Driven to at least 4 different mcdonalds in one day looking for a shamrock shake
4. Dropped a cell phone in a toilet
3. Have had nicknames: Slap-nuts, Beaker, Albino rat-boy, and Koko
2. Went to Space Camp in Florida, and won the "right stuff" award for best camper
1. Shot on my own basket in a basketball game!

-What does everyone think of those?: )

Current Mood: done and done
10:55 pm
oh by the way

KINDA KA is the newest roller coaster in the world. Fastest and Tallest on earth, and where might this montrosity be? That;s right, our own Six Flag's Great Adventure in NJ. YEah baby, Mid westerners can suck it, Philly and NYC got their title back! I mean honestly, why in the hell should a midwestern state where noone lives have the best roller coaster? Now that the Amazing city of Philly and ok NYC have the title it is much better!

10:46 pm
Ouch Still
Howdy Ho,

So today I woke up in the worst poain yet from my lifting.....2.5 days lkater. We woke up really early to go to Islands of Adventure at Universal. We got there at 10:00 am and stayed until close to 7 pm! LEmme tell you, the great thing abou tFlorida..........lots of nice visuals :)

So it was a pretty fun day but SOOOOOOOO long. 9 hours in a park is too much for one man! Rides were all pretty good, but after a while we were all just plain wiped. Then afterwards we wnt to Margaritaville restauraunt at City Walk where i had an ok burger......... All the patrents and Lindy drank so guess who got to drive home? hehehehehehehe

So in the car my dad is talking to someone on his cell, and he says to them: "Andrew is driving, Marty (my 13 year old cousin) is navigating, and I am in the back seat drunk" , I thought that was pretty funny@ Not too often I get to hear my dad say that! hahahahaha

Anyway, so that was my day...tommorrow night i am back in the confines of Exton and my little bratty but oh-so adorable puppiues!

-Peace out Cub scout

Current Mood: Pain needs to leave
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
11:17 am
OK, so an absoltue ton has occured isnce the last time i decided to write in the livejournal account!

First, my life is a thouysand times easier now as I can officially relax being done thesis! HORAY! And I want to do a special thanks to everyone who really helped me make my way through this term....y'all know who you are. You know now being done my thesis in retrospect I can say that all the arduous time and energy spent on thesis.....was an aboltuely and total waste of time! Stupid thesis///grumble grumble

Second, so I am currently writing this from the Shiny state of Florida in the swamp formally known as Orlando. Seeing the Chanes family. Yesterday we didn;t do a whole heck of a lot, but today we are planning on going to the Islands of Adventure at Universal so we shall see.

Third, I am an official IDIOT. I have not gone to the gym in 3 months because of thesis and on Friday night I went to the gym....and pushed hard like usual. I am now 40 hours removed form th egym and i can seriously barely move any part of my body because i am in such excruciating pain. Raise your hand if your as stupid as McCord.

Fourth, So as soon as I was fianlly doen with my exams on thursday I had to make the decision to go home........the exam finished at 3:30 so I already knew I wasn;t getting home til late. I ran into HEather walking to the CC, so I ended up sitting around wiht her doing nothing for about na hour and a half. Cara ended up joining us and we all sat and chatted. I had made up my decision mbased on the time5:00 PM to not go home and just get up early friday....i figured i would hang with them tonight and then leave the next day refreashed. Well Cara said to HEather that she was havong an all girls game night when we first get back sunday. The way she spitefully said it to me really hurt me and i felt like i was seriously being attacked! So instead of staying at school I really didn;t want to be around Cara because she had hurt me so I went home late Thursday night instead.

Fifth and background to fourth, so last wednesday night we had a gamenight which was fun for a while. Char and I were on the same team for trivial pursuit...which everyone should have seen a mile away as a bad idea. Since HEather and Cara were on the same team and since i turn extra competitive when trying to match wits with Heather (which only happens because I am trying to beta my intellectual superior), char and i were being obnoxious and loud everytime they had to asnwer a question......this was really pissing off cara. So when Char and I were on the Brown wedge space and we got a question right they refused to give it to us because we were being pains! The reason they didn;t give it to us was becayuse the card had a misprint for the answer ala Seinfeld and the "Moops". After that, all the girls were annoyed with char and i and told us to quiet down which we did, but our fun level went down. Anyway, in typical McCord fashion when I get competive and am getting treated unfairly (translatiomn not getting our deserved Brown piece) I start activel;y rooting against everyone else. So everytime sometone would get a quyestion right i would let out a sigh or pffffff sound like a little kid..........

Anyway, the whoil epoint of this anecdote was that I found out that Cara was incredibly upset and felt it was tremendously inappropriate for me to act like that. Idid not realize hopw much I was upsetting her and everyone else (honestly I don;t know of anyone else who was insulted), so when i got home from school I talked to her on IM and I gave a sincere apology because I didn;t realiZe I was upsetting people. What I will be totally honest and say though, is that i feel like Cara was overreacting to this situation a little bit too much. Yes, Char and especially I may have been a little inappropriate that night, and i had not intended to insult people....but I still feel like Cara is blwoing this out of proportion. And I say this not to upset Cara at all, but just being honest. Males get competitive, and when I feel like i am being cheated Ido not become the happiest of campers. So perhaps I was not in the best spirit of the trivial pursuit game, but I guess we live and learn. Solution: You have to put me with HEather next time, because that way I can;t get in troubler with Char, and i won;t be as competitive with HEather if i am on her team.

So the moral of this entry is that I feel bad if i upset Cara not my intetion. But if Cara is honestly upset with me over this than I have to feel like it may be slightly overblown.....which i feel is justified by noone else being as upset by my actions. I am sorry Cara, I really am, I wasn;t trying to upset you. Also, this livejournal entry is not about upsetting you either, i am just getting my feelings out.


Current Mood: ouch.,....the gym hurts
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
2:58 pm
Grrrrrrr Live Journal
Ok, so apparently my last 4 journal entries have not made it on to the website.....not so sure why, but ugh whatever.

Doing this ridiculously pointless essay for the Femi-Nazi all damned weekend! I seriously just want to be done with it and go back to thesis and finish that sucker off. This paper has been nothing but a cause of unneeded stress for the last 2 weeks! But I am on the final page or two now and all I need is the strength to finish. Last night I selfishly bailed on a bunch of people going to a club in Albany, because I was tired and I wanted to keep working on this iditiotic paper. I did have an amazingly productive night though getting an additional 6 pages done!

So now i have very little left to do, and my mood will keep rising with each passing sentence. The end is coming and I MAY have finally seen the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel........3 weeks and I am done.

2 Papers (plus the end of this paper i am currently working on)
1 Finalizing Thesis
1 Exam
1 Final Exam!!!


Current Mood: anxious
Monday, February 21st, 2005
9:41 am
Oi vey
Yeah, so I woke up this morning and realized that I had forgotten for about 12 hours why this week is going to be the worst week ever for academics......This very well may be my worst week in college...More to come

Last night I had two dinners a lovely event at Language house B (I ate the food which implies I enjoyed it :) ) and then Simpsons and Chinese which was very hectic for me last night. Then I was up til 3 AM working on my presentation today, and that isn;t even thesis related......

Wow what a downer this has been thus far............I will make it up writing something a little more cheery tonight or tommorrow!

Current Mood: groggy
Friday, February 18th, 2005
10:14 pm
So I have now been ripped by several people for writing such extensive entries, so for now on I will do shorter ones. Sorry to those at home who care! Good times on a friday night as I sit in my room and try and decipher all of my notes fomr South Park and Simpsons. Boy I cannot wait for this term to be over, in such a bad way! Nothing fun or interetsing to report. Coincidentally, as I have been tyhe ordainer of the title of "master" i am officially announcing my frist masterhood: the master of dry humping! It is a presigious award that must be held as a coveted prize to cherish! Congrats to the master of dry humping, you have earned your title through the preserverance and selfless act of dry humptitude!

So Gavin Dewgrawe is in concert right now, and i could really care less. I just wish i was doing something other than working (except i obviously am writing this). I have nothing interetsing to say, so as opposed to ramlbing on and on about nothing i will leave it at that. By the way, I hope that Sitkoff is doing better......I am worried about his surgery

Current Mood: I am Master-dork
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
1:00 am
So to basically bring my whole day into perspective(trying to explain the theme for this entry), I found myself at midnight walking from th eInn parking lot into the dorm and looking up at the sky. I have really always loved the sky, there is nothing I would rather do than sit out in a dark field and look up at the night sky and see all the constellations (setting this scene preferably in the winter months when it is just a little cold out dso a blanket and sweatshirt would be fine. That is my idea of heaven. Anyway, I looked up at the stars and told myself how much I really love the sky, ad then proceeded to grumble again to myself: "Why the hell did i ever goto stupid union".

Today started off as another amazing dasy. I woke up and did some south park research and then took a shower got dreessed and went to the thesis meetign. After the thesis meeting i kicked around and did a few other things and then was grabbed by Heather in the CC, she wanted company for lunch so I broke my normal routine of NOT eating in Upper and ate in upper. So Heather and I were having a lovely chat about how much better Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is than Buffalo, New York (among other things), and then we were graced with the presence of Noah and Erica. We sat and had a nice chat with them and stayed around for a while, before all heading off in our own direcitons.

After lunch I had a meeting with the Feminazi, and then I met Prof Ewald who I think is hysterical. He kind of guilted me into why I hgadn;t spoken to him before, and eh told me that he had heard all about my thesis.....which I imagine is a really good thing? But still i was caught off guard by it, he gave me some insight into thesis stuff ands sent me on my merry way. After I was done with him I went to do the Bell thing, which as always was lots of fun.

I found myself really quite a bit freaked out by Memorial chapel attic when it is raining and dreary out, I was glad I was not alone....hahaha like i was th eone ringing the bells? Lani needs to find some serious new music for the bells, all though her new collection of Christian "we love god we all our christian heart music" might not suffice. So the bells was fun, than I headed to class.

After class I ran into Erin and sat and chatted with her for a few mins then headed back to my room to work. I worked until 6:30 and then went to two different Dunkin Donuts to get supplies for the gamenight.

Gamenight was a blast, best game of pictionary EVER! I got done with that, andf instead of being sensible I decide to take an extended "study break". I learned a great deal tonight, most specifically that I have a very evil Furby voice, and that I was able to actually really freak Nina out! "Te hehehehehe, you can;t beat me" (furby voice sample). Also it is interesting to know now that I am responsible for giving someone the title of Master of ........ I guess thta makes me a king or something? Cause don;t kings night people? How would offering a masterhood be any different from a knighthood? I beg to argue that giving out masterhoods are even more impressive and distinguished. So if any of you out there want to eb the master of something you better be willing to kiss my butt pretty badly!

So I came back from study break and that is when i got out of the car and saw th eevening sky. Why am I in Schenectdady? Macalaester college would have been perfect for me! AHHHHHH! Anywho, that is my thoughts for the day. Nothing particularly funny to reports....except that I am an evil furby and I may or may not have a ruggedness to my furbyness that I did not know about. If you don;'t get what I just said, don't worry aqbout it, I don;t even get it!

-Cheers (Evil Furby: te hehehehe Cheeeeeeeeyers)

Current Mood: yeah, another random one
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
12:53 am
Inspired by Miss Cara K......and home friends
OK so I am trying something new. After harassment by several friends from home who claim I am not nearly communicative (is that a word) enough with them I caved and have begun trying a new way to keep them informed.

I will also attribute this decision in part to Miss Cara K giving me a lecture tonight on how I have so many odd things to say. Well if odd things are all I have to say than perhaps I should take the time to record them and people can try and see the inner workings of McCord.

So take tonight for example. Studying for the Urban test I have on Thursday and HOPEFULLY doing some thesis after I am done writing this little thingy here! The day was quite boring and involved not much more than waking up, class, meeting, lunch-shocker i know, two more meetings and than back to the dorm to study. I get back to the dorm to study and of course I fall asleep like 15 times trying to read this stupid book. Luckily, I get nothing done over a long period of time and then HEather IMs me and sees if I want to do dinner. She asks me if she needs to change out of PJs and I tell her no, quite the contrary, instead I will get INTO PJ's and turn our dinner into a PJ party....what guy in the right mind says this stuff? Anywho, she tells me I am not allowed to change into my PJ's, so of course I do it anyway, and then I head over there to pick her up. When I get to Wells I am surprised and delighted to hear that we will be graced with the extended company of Miss Cara K and Charfie : )

The dinner was good times, except in a devious plan that involved all 3 of them, they somehow stipped me from paying for my own food....which I am extremely thankful for, BUT this is not the end.................... Anyway, we came back here ate and chatted for a long period of time. Apparently Heather has a healthy appreciation for road trips as do I, which is a good quality to have, but I don;t know if she has the same hardcore attitude i take to it. Char was kind enough to "fix" my computer which seems to be running slightly faster, but the stupid fan is still as loud as ever! This was the point when Cara harassed me about having all these random things to say which gave me the inspiration to write this.

Tonight I did very little except read.....and POSSIBLY have watched a TV show from 9-9:30, but I am embarassed to admit it, so I will give no names! After that it was straight studying and Steinmetz registration until now when i am writing this. This will be very interesting to see how long I actually continue with this silly journal thing, but for now we will pretend i will actually write something in here.........

-Big Mac (To my Union friends this is one of my infamous nicknames from home)

PS-This mood thing is funny, I thought Quixotic was: 1, pertinent to my personality, and 2, damn random and funny! : )

Current Mood: quixotic
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